Reaper of the Undead

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Death has been deceived and the souls of hell are escaping and possessing the dead. You play as a reaper, a servant of Death, and it is your duty to recover the souls of the undead. You are not a survivor fighting to stay alive, you are a hunter, so hunt down every last zombie and become an all-powerful killing machine.

Reaper of the Undead is a tactical action shooter set in a zombie apocalypse. Use the souls you recover to upgrade your weapons and abilities, but choose carefully. Experiment with different loadouts to find one that suit your playstyle.


  • 10 levels, each containing 5 randomly generated stages
  • Boss fight at the end of each level
  • Spend souls on 6 different ability types and 6 different weapon upgrades
  • Choose up to 10 upgrades for your weapons and abilities
  • Stack the same upgrade multiple times for increased effectiveness
  • Experiment with up to 3 weapon and ability loadouts
  • Use your best loadout and enter the endless Survival Mode to truly test your strength

You can follow its development on my YouTube channel.