Freelance Software Developer in Adelaide, Australia

My name is Shaun Byrne, and I specialise in the more complex matters when it comes to developing Websites, Apps and Mobile Games.

I am a Full-Stack Web Developer, which means I code the things you see and interact with, as well as the things you don’t.

I am also an aspiring Game Developer, bringing joy into people’s lives by enabling them to kill zombies and such.


Need a website for your business? I create custom mobile-responsive websites at an affordable price. I follow best practices with SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and implement the necessary security measures to keep the bad guys out.

Don’t want the burden of managing domains and web hosting? I’ll handle those matters while you focus on running your business. Let me handle the phone calls, the fees, and everything else required to keep your website running smoothly. I’ll also allocate time each month to keep things up to date with any changes you may need.

Need a back-end web service? You may require users to login to use your website to save their details. That’ll require a back-end web service and a database connection. I can set that up for you, no problem.

Need to generate reports? I can create a tool to export your website data to a spreadsheet and make it look all pretty and stuff.

What I don’t do. I’m not an 'expert' designer. I can design some pretty neat stuff, but if you want the best looking website possible, I’d recommend getting designs from an expert first... or if you want to replicate another website, that’s fine too, I won’t judge. I’m also not a content writer, so make sure to have some content prepared in the form of text and images.


Karen's Relaxology


Need help making an app? I have some app development experience and I can recommend the best way to go when it comes to choosing which framework to use. I’ve worked with Cordova/PhoneGap, Xamarin.Forms, Xamarin native, as well as native Android and iOS, and I know which is right for you.

Have a new innovative idea? I love the challenge of making something no one has ever done before. There’s a good chance it’s because it isn’t possible with our current technology, but let’s be optimistic here! I’d love to work with you to create the next big thing.


UniSA Student App


Reaper of the Undead is my latest creation. It is a top-down zombie shooter inspired by games like Diablo and Enter the Gungeon. It’s taken a lot longer than expected to finish, but the journey has been magical. It’ll be out on Android and iOS in no time... but that’s what I said a year ago, so we’ll see.

"Death has been deceived and the souls of hell are escaping and possessing the dead. Only with the help of Reapers, can Death restore the world to its natural order. As a servant of Death, it is the Reaper’s duty to cleanse the world of the undead plague by any means necessary."


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