My name is Shaun Byrne and I am the owner and sole developer of Pixel Packet Studio, an indie game development studio based in Adelaide, Australia. I am a former software developer at the University of South Australia and a creative artist with a passion for game development. I always strive for quality over quantity, and I firmly believe that I have what it takes to make great games.


2012 - 2014
Bachelor of Information Technology (Software Development), University of South Australia
Adelaide, Australia


2014 - 2017
Information Technologist, University of South Australia
Adelaide, Australia

2017 - Present
Indie Game Developer, Pixel Packet Studio
Adelaide, Australia


- Games programming
- Application programming
- Web development (front-end & back-end)
- Mobile app development
- Graphic design
- 2D Graphics
- 3D modeling & texturing
- Music & sound design